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100% American-Made, Superior-Quality Directional Drilling / MWD Products & Services


With unparalleled dedication to quality, efficiency and value, SMS Precision Tech has the Directional Drilling and MWD products you need, now.


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 For select products in our catalog, we offer our very own, precipitation-hardened & cold-worked alloy: SMS-167. When drilling conditions call for parts with superior creep strength, ductility and corrosion resistance, SMS-167 is up to the task. And, unlike BeCu, it's non-carcinogenic.

Drill Pipe Screens

Any length, any type, any outer ring size. Our most popular screens are always in stock, so there's no wait for the screens you need.

MWD Products

Our extensive lineup of MWD Products ranges from customized Pulser Helixes to High-Resistance Washers and Precision-Machined Intermodule Ends. With our Advanced In-House Design and Machining capabilities, we can rapidly custom-design and manufacture virtually anything your directional drilling job requires. 


We rent and sell UBHO, Lift, Filter, Float and Cross Over Subs, with every diameter and connection size you could possibly need. If we don't already have it in stock, we'll build it exactly the way you need it.


American-Made Quality Assurance

SMS Precision Tech provides only 100% American-made, superior-quality machined parts cut using our very own SMS CNC Machines in Houston, Texas. Each and every part is meticulously cross-inspected for quality assurance and control before entering and exiting our inventory. This level of precision allows us to guarantee all of our parts against API-QI, ISO-900*(1987), ASME/ANSI and SPPE-1 standards, and ensure that we continue to provide the finest products on the market in the most cost-effective way possible.