BeCu-Free Update: Comparison @360+ hours

This tool string is entirely BeCu-free (with the excpetion of the threaded ring on the end), has seen over 360 hours of down-hole time, and is ready to handle a lot more.

The Barrel is Nitronic-50, the battery intermodule and interconnects are SMS-167, and the rest 316 stainless steel. None of these parts experienced any galling issues whatsoever.

Here's a closer look at each component:


For comparison, have a look at the damage to the BeCu threaded ring on the same tool, exposed to the same conditions:


Next week, we put together the full string without BeCu, and send it downhole. Check back on Monday for the send-off.

Posted on August 12, 2016 .

330 Hours, 2 Runs, and a Complete Pulser Assembly with no BeCu

Another promising update from the field this week: 

Our BeCu-free complete pulser assembly has concluded two runs in Haynesville and Oklahoma for a total of 330 hours of downhole time, and without a single hitch. The assembly was constructed using Nitronic-50 barrels and our very own material, SMS-167, with no BeCu whatsoever.

Working with BeCu has been shown to cause lung cancer, Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD), and other deleterious health effects. As such, SMS Precision Tech is committed to eradicating BeCu exposure from our work place and those of our customers.

Next week, we run a complete tool string composed entirely of stainless steel. Stay tuned!

To see the results of our tests with BeCu-free complete battery assemblies, click here.

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Posted on July 26, 2016 .