Lockdown System 

SMS Precision Tech's Lockdown System allows the Lower End Assembly to be locked into the standard SMS muleshoe to eliminate any possibility of the tool to unseat. The Top and Bottom Cuffs have been engineered to withstand long hours of high axial shock on multiple runs and keep any wash to a minimum to keep your costs down. The Top Cuff and Bottom Cuff Wrenches are designed for safe and easy installation in the field. 100% stainless steel materials have been used on the wrenches to ensure extremely long life and keep repair to a minimum even with heavy abuse. This system will work with standard Tensor Style Lower Ends.

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Bottom Cuff Wrench                                                    SMS-T-650


Bottom Cuff
17-4 H900 Stainless Steel                                           SMS-1251


Top Cuff Wrench                                                          SMS-T-655


Top Cuff
BeCu                                                                             SMS-1250