Running Gear


SMS Precision Tech offers the latest in innovative MWD Running Gear, all of which meet or exceed the exceptional performance standards demanded in today’s growing oil and gas drilling markets.


Our product line of MWD Running Gear includes pressure swivel assemblies, rope sockets, spacer bars, weight bars, springs, alignment wrenches and shoe knock out tools – just to name a few.


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SMS-9220: Wireline Stinger

SMS-9109: Lifting Clevis w/ Shackle (1-1/4"-8 UN)

SMS-3006: Cross Over (1 1/4-8" UN Box by 1 1/4"-8 UN Box)

SMS-3007: Cross Over (1 1/4"-8 UN Box by 1 1/4"-12 UN Pin)

SMS-3008: Cross Over (1-1/4"-8 UN Box by 3/4" SR Pin)

SMS-3009: Cross Over (1-1/4"-8 UNR Box by 5/8" SR Pin)

SMS-9033: Slickline Ropesocket (1-1/4"-8 UN)

SMS-6101: On-Off Latch

SMS-9012: J-Latch Retrieval

SMS-6100: Bulldog Overshot (R-Type)

SMS-5004: 3' and 5' Spacer Bar w/ 1-1/4"-8 UN Threads (Aluminum)

SMS-5003: 5' Weight Bar w/ 1-1/4"-8 UN Threads (8 UN Carbon Steel)


SMS-5006-A: Spang Jar