SMS Precision Tech Snubbers, like everything we offer, are precision-engineered to the highest of standards to ensure that our customers continue to get what they have come to expect from us: high quality, consistent support, and excellent value. 

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           1-Piece Battery Snubber
             Injection: SMS-5405

         3-Piece Electronic Snubber
         Body Only: SMS-5406-MT
              Injection: SMS-5407
                Insert: SMS-5408

           3-Piece Pulser Snubber
        Body Only: SMS-5419-MT
             Injection: SMS-5419
               Insert: SMS-54191

           3-Piece Battery Snubber
         Body Only: SMS-5402-MT
              Injection: SMS-5403
                Insert: SMS-5404

           Electronic Pigtail Adapter

              Battery Pigtail Adapter

                Snubber Set Inserts

                Pigtail Adapter- Virgin                      PTFE Insert Set                         SMS-5560

                Pigtail Adapter- Virgin
                     PTFE Insert Set