SMS Precision Tech offers GP:50 4-20mA Pressure Transmitting Hammer Unions Transducers in two different designs. The
370GIGRZCA non-removable sensor and the 370GRZCA-A177 with on-site replaceable sensor.The newly featured replaceable sensor eliminates down time by allowing your field operators to easily replace the pressure sensor on-site if needed. By only needing to replace the sensor, as opposed to scraping an entire unit, you can cut transducer replacement costs by nearly 50%.

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GP-50 Advantages 

Reduced zero offset due to installation
High-accuracy option of ±0.10% FSO
Corrosion resistant
High strength fasteners eliminate housing breakage
Hazardous location approvals
0 to 1000 thru 0 to 20K PSI (69 thru 1,379 BAR) 
Compatible with 2” 1502, 2002, 2202, & 602 hammer union fittings